King of the Hill game mode revealed in TF2 Classless Update

A new game mode for Team Fortress 2, King of the Hill, was revealed in Day 2 of the Classless Update content patch reveal.

In the new game mode, each team must capture and defend the control point for a cumulative time of three minutes. If the enemy team manages to capture the point back, their clock will start counting down while the other team’s clock freezes at the time the point was recaptured. The team that controls the point for a total of three minutes wins the round.

A new map set in a snowy hilltop, koth_viaduct, will be included with the new game mode, along with two arena maps converted for KOTH, koth_nucleus and koth_sawmill.

Day 1’s reveal showed that more hats and a new arena map will be released.

The Classless Update should be released on the morning of 18 August, next Tuesday.

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