GameSync TF2 server now back and even better!

The GameSync TF2 server has been updated with the latest Classless Update, new PUG/scrim configs and maps.

The previous weapon loadout issue that plagued the server was resolved after sgWarGames, our server sponsor, shifted our server from their Windows box to Linux. Props to the technical support from sgWarGames, particularly Frez who helped out with the countless hours of troubleshooting.

The new server IP is

We’ve also set up a new forum for the community to provide feedback on the server. With the new forums, there’s now an easy way to get in touch with the server admin team about server issues. (We’ll like to thank Kin and Dejomel who kept the team constantly updated on the server status this time round.)

Read more to find out about the new configs, new maps and where to download them.

New Configs

CEVO configs for CTF, Push (5CP) and Stopwatch (Dustbowl, Gravelpit, etc.) mode games have been added. Contact any player with SourceMod admin access to the GS TF2 server to help faciliate your PUG or scrim (or apply for SM access in the forums).

New Maps

Two new 5CP community maps that are popular with the scrim community overseas have been added to the server. The maps are cp_follower and cp_freight_final and can be downloaded from the CEVO TF2 downloads page.

For bball fans, we’ve added ctf_ballin to complement the existing ctf_bball2_fixed map. It’s just like bball2, except that backboarding has been disabled — all shots made at the backboard and rim disappear. Get the map from FPSBANANA.

And just for fun, we’ve added cp_no_mercy_b1, a remake of the Left 4 Dead No Mercy campaign rooftop finale, and arena_pool_day, a remake of the popular CS fight yard map.

New Forum

We’ve also set up a new forum specifically for you to provide feedback and suggestions on the GameSync TF2 server. If you have an idea for the server, we want to hear it from you — post a thread in the forum!

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