New L4D2 campaign, more Crash Course details revealed

Another campaign for Left 4 Dead 2 was unveiled in the latest episode of GameTrailers TV, which you can view embedded at the end of this article.

The campaign is called “The Fairgrounds”, and will take place inside an amusement park. Together with The Parish and Swamp Fever, it means that three out of the five new campaigns in Left 4 Dead 2 have been revealed so far.

Also announced in the video preview were a couple of new weapons, the katana and grenade launcher. The katana joins Left 4 Dead 2’s ever growing arsenal of melee weapons – frying pans, fire axes, chainsaws, and cricket bats.

Additionally, more details were provided by Valve’s Gabe Newell regarding the upcoming Crash Course DLC. The Crash Course campaign will only last two maps, thus explaining how Valve intends to keep Versus games played on Crash Course to only 30 minutes.

Mr Newell also said any items or weapons spawned in Crash Course Versus will be exactly the same for both teams of Survivors, in order to make the game “fair”.

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