Prototype; ridiculous plot, crazy gameplay, awesome game

Prototype is an action game developed by Radical Entertainment. The game is set in New York City where a virus affects the population and the military makes a weak attempt to contain the virus. Alex Mercer, the protaganist, wakes up in a morque slab and makes his escape, when he encounters several soldiers. After surviving multiple point-blank shots from their assault rifles, Alex manages to escape.Alex then embarks on his own quest to discover the truth and hopefully put a stop to the military’s plans.

As you progress further into the game, you will discover, Alex’s powers which I would say are extremely overpowered. Alex can climb up any building, perform feats of parkour and land from any height without any damage, the ground however, will have a huge crater. He has a blade, which can destroy a tank in one hit, a whipfist, a long range tentacle which can latch onto helicopters from the ground and do a sweeping attack to clear out a room, claws which are fast and deadly and he can augment his muscles to hit harder and throw things further. He also has access to defensive powers like a shield and armor, which makes him harder to kill. Although regular enemies are ants to him, there are enemies like hunters which can overwhelm Alex in numbers. However, when things seem bleak, Alex can unleash Devastator attacks which kills almost everything within a radius of him. He can also consume any human or hunter for health and consuming a human, allows Alex to assume his form.

Little can be said about the plot. A virus infects a city, the military tries to stop it, the protaganist has his own agenda, military fails to stop the virus and decides to nuke the city, then its up to the protaganist to save the city and prevent the miltary from nuking it. I an sure we have all played countless games with this storyline or watch movies with a similar plot. Resident Evil anyone?

Alex has free roam of the city when he is not on a mission. There are countless civilians moving around who are at your mercy. I believe my record is 12 000 civilians kills. I think I am a potential terrorist. Prototype is definitely a good game to have to vent your anger. Slicing some random people into ribbons or throwing cars at them is satisfying in some way. But if you commit an act of aggresion, the military will be on your ass immediately. Well, just more for you to kill then. This is definitely not a game for the squeamish as the amount of blood and gore is overboard.

One thing I find hilarious is that you can punch out a wall, run up a skyscraper, glide from roof to roof and jump down from any building and land with a huge crater and nobody even bats an eyelid. They just ignore you as if all of this is normal. New Yorkers, nothing scares them right?

From time to time, Alex will go this sister, Dana where she will be on the computer, helping him with his objectives. Also on the computer will be his ex-girlfriend who will also help him but he betrays him at some point. (See, blondes are trouble, stay away please). Someone will knock my head if I say this but I simply cannot resist. Alex is the smartest among his peers because he has consumed several scientists so why doesn’t he use the computer himself?

Because he is too pro to type! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Okay, that wasn’t funny I know.

All in all, Prototype is an excellent game. Go get your copy now, pansies stay away. 



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