Tons of new information about StarCraft II

With Blizzard’s annual Blizzcon approaching this Saturday (Singapore time), the Internet has suddenly exploded with tons of new StarCraft II footage and previews. The two-week-old news of StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty’s delay has all but vanished from the minds of everyone, as Blizzard continues to bombard the gaming press with new information about their highly anticipated sequel.

First up, Shacknews reports that the remaining two games in the StarCraft II trilogy – the Zerg campaign “Heart of the Swarm” and the Protoss chapter “Legacy of the Void” – will be priced as traditional expansions rather than full sequels.

“We look at it like it’s Frozen Throne and Frozen Throne 2, or Brood War and Brood War 2,” said Blizzard producer Chris Sigaty. “We’re not going to gouge people. We’re going to charge them what’s fair.”

Also, several old Brood War units that did not make it into SCII (such as the Terran Firebat, Terran Medic, Protoss Dragoon and Protoss Reaver) could still show up in the Terran “Wings of Liberty” campaign as playable, unlockable single-player units.

Other interesting SCII news include: no co-op multiplayer campaign, and Blizzard’s promise to release DLC content and demos between the release of the first game and the remaining two expansions.

Kotaku, Shacknews, and StarCraft Legacy have each written their own extensive hands-on previews of StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty’s single player campaign, accompanied by a new four-minute HD video demo:

The old Blizzcon 2008 cinematic of Infested Kerrigan and Zeratul has been updated with a new HD-quality version:

You can expect more news of StarCraft II and Diablo III in the coming days as the countdown to Blizzcon 2009 continues. Stay tuned!

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  • Glimmerous.Fop

    Is it just me, or does the Overmind’s voice in the second embedded video sound a lot like Peter Cullen (aka Optimus Prime)?