L4D: mTx.wH wins Operation Blackstorm

This article was written with additional match reporting from Edward “Glimmerous.Fop” Pang.

mTx.wH won the Western Digital Operation: Blackstorm Left 4 Dead tournament held at E2Max Cineleisure after defeating Trying To Survive 7,249-3,170 in the finals.

[TTS] managed to incapacitate the entire mTx.wH team with some help from a Witch on the first map but this did not faze the eventual champions who went on to dominate [TTS] in the subsequent maps.

mTx.wH won S$400 in cash and four WD 1TB Caviar Black hard disks for emerging top in the tournament.

“Our team’s performance was consistent but mTx.wH were too experienced,” Leslie “Chubbs” Tan, leader of [TTS] said.

mTx.wH’s Ernest “Yukimura1984” Tan had the following to say about the tournament: “We were trying out new things as we were playing and just having fun. The standard of the teams that we were playing against was not up to our expectation.”

One reason for this was that the better teams were eliminated early on in the tournament due to the draw of the brackets – the good teams were all seeded together.

In the quarter-final match between Legends and TeC, Legends had built up a slight lead against TeC by the Blood Harvest finale but were done in by a badly timed assault on TeC’s first Tank.

The Tank managed to incap two Survivors and subsequently sent a log rolling over one of them, resulting in an instant kill. TeC’s then made quick work of the remaining three Legend Survivors with their second Tank.

Legends were not able to finish TeC off when it was their turn on Infected, allowing TeC to win the finale 1792-200 and the match 7,384-6,166.

TeC then proceeded to face mTx.wH in the semi-finals and were the closest they had to a real challenge, with mTx.wH only leading by 1,233 points. The final score was 8,353-7,120 in favour of mTx.wH.

Glimmerous.Fop will be posting up match reports and tournament highlights on GameSync.net in the coming days, so stayed tuned.

We previously reported that [TTS] managed to pull of a 3+1 on wH. at NM1. This should have been a 2+1 with assistance from a Witch instead. The score for the TeC vs Legends quarter-final match also had an inaccuracy corrected.

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  • insignia

    bleh there was a compy last sat??

    and i dont recognise like any of those teams bar wH.mTx.
    lol gg stroll in the park.

  • mG2

    mostly steam teams, tec and legend are pretty decent

  • Maddcap

    sadly tec and legend were up in the 1st round.

  • Glimmerous.Fop

    Well played, enjoy your 1TB hard drives.

  • Maddcap

    lol thanks, ugh the witch.

  • michael

    Congreat !!