PS3 Slim: official S’pore release now 1 Oct, retail price of SG$512

The official Singapore launch of the PS3 Slim will be on 1 October, according to a Twitter message posted by the folks at GameAxis. The Slim will retail for SG$512, and comes with a one-year warranty provided by Sony Singapore.

Yes, you’re probably screaming “overpriced”, considering that the imported Hong Kong sets of the Slim are already selling for as cheap as SG$465 here. The imported sets however, do not come with any warranty.

When I asked GameAxis on Twitter whether the SG$512 price included any bundled games or accessories, this was the reply I received: “Not too sure at the moment, but don’t hold your breath”.

So there you have it. We’ll just have to wait until launch day to see whether this SG$500+ price tag is worth it or not.

The author has now added Brutal Legend and Heavy Rain to the wishlist of PS3 games that he’d like to play.

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