L4D2 demo announced, Crash Course DLC arriving 30 Sept (S’pore time)

The Left 4 Dead 2 demo has been announced by Valve at an Electronic Arts press conference in Japan. The demo is due to be released on Steam on 28 October (Singapore time), just before Halloween.

Now, before you L4D peeps start making plans for your Halloween L4D cosplay, Shacknews has confirmed that the release of the L4D2 demo on 28 October will be exclusive to pre-order customers only.

It is unclear whether the demo will be available to the rest of the public one week later on 4 November (Singapore time), as reported by Shacknews.

Singaporean L4D gamers, worry not. GameSync has been making contact with sgWarGames, the local co-distributors for Left 4 Dead 2’s release here in Singapore. They are currently working on a solution for local gamers to have access to the pre-order perks, and will be releasing more information very soon.

In other news, the Crash Course DLC has been given an official release date by Valve: 30 September (Singapore time). The DLC is free for PC owners of Left 4 Dead. Xbox 360 players will be charged US$7 for the download. More information about Crash Course can be found here and here.

Better Safe Than Sorry.

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  • Glimmerous.Fop

    Hot damn. *Stares over his shoulder at L4D2 boycotters*, wonder what they will have to say about this.