Team LitChiChiBoy are BlazBlue 2vs2 champions

Team LitChiChiBoy, consisting of Leon (Litchi) and ChiChiBoy (Ragna), are the winners of last Saturday’s BlazBlue 2vs2 tournament at Bugis Virtualand.

They managed to cause an upset by defeating Team Boss in the finals. Team Boss were made up of Zio (Haku-men) and ex-two-time champion Souhaku (Nu-13).

Championship Final match result:

LitChiChiBoy (1st)   Team Boss (2nd)
ChiChiBoy (Ragna) 2-0 Zio (Haku-men)
ChiChiBoy (Ragna) 2-0 Souhaku (Nu-13)

Team Kimochii Desu Ka took third place after losing the Losers’ Final match to Team LitChiChiBoy.

Losers’ Finals match result:

Kimochii Desu Ka (3rd)   LitChiChiBoy
Lionel (Rachel) 2-1 ChiChiBoy (Ragna)
Lionel (Rachel) 0-2 Leon (Litchi)
Jaeshi (Bang) 1-2 Leon (Litchi)

Here are the full standings for the competition:

  1. LitChiChiBoy (Leon (Litchi) + ChiChiBoy (Ragna))
  2. Team Boss (Zio (Haku-men) + Souhaku (Nu-13))
  3. Kimochii Desu Ka (Jaeshi (Bang) + Lionel (Rachel))
  4. 2nd Hand God (Kuni (Carl) + ZackTee (Rachel))
  5. Joke Beans (Pablo (Arakune) + Cheesebunz (Arakune))
  6. Blah Blah (GLH (Tager) + Mistwraith (Nu-13))
  7. Ragna Fetish (Mono-GTR (Jin) + Barewolf (Nu-13))
  8. Beauty & The Beast (RuckyZOMG (Litchi) + Daichi (Arakune))
  9. Depox (Popcorn (Arakune) + Han Sen (Bang))
  10. B & P (Neph (Litchi) + Rx (Taokaka))
  11. Floor Scrubber (Ice Cube (Jin) + DNeo (Noel))
  12. No Dash (Setsuna (Haku-men) + Edz (Tager))
  13. Nameless (Brixgrounds (Tager) + Efendi (Bang))
  14. 変身 (Akai (Nu-13) + Enoma (Litchi))
  15. Wantan (7Fan (Noel) + Wan (Ragna))
  16. Like Clockwork (JayEm (Tager) + Poke (Noel))
  17. Orange Julius (Avenged (Taokaka) + Walker (Nu-13))
  18. Big & Small (Farp (Noel) + Taxi (Litchi))
  19. Pink Rangers (Thorsten (Jin) + Holy Beergut (Nu-13))
  20. AES DOGS (Hannybal (Litchi) + Marspeople (Ragna))
  21. Mizzet (Mizzet (Noel) + Onlooker (Rachel))
  22. Great Justice (Glimmerous.Fop (Noel) + Matafleur (Tager))
  23. Disconnected (Kyonster (Ragna) + CWX (Tager))

Here is a numerical breakdown for each of the characters used in the competition:

Character Name No. of times used
Litchi 6
Nu-13 6
Tager 5
Noel 5
Arakune 4
Ragna 3
Rachel 3
Bang 3
Jin 3
Haku-men 2
Taokaka 2
Carl 1

Lesser Jins and Ragnas compared to the previous competition at Iluma, while there were much more Arakune and Tager players this time. Once again, Carl is still the least popular character. However the sole Carl user, Kuni from Team 2nd Hand God, managed to earn fourth place for his team with some solid Carl gameplay and skillful (ab)use of Carl’s throw-juggle loop.

Kilvear Thor, one of the organizers for the 2vs2 competition, said the next BlazBlue competition will most likely be a Beginners’ tournament. Stay tuned to the BlazBlue Singapore blog for more updates.

In case you are wondering, Great Justice was the only handicapped team in the competition. My teammate failed to show up and thus, I had to fight against my opponents with a handicap. Both my matches were Noel mirror matches. Oh noes.

At least I didn’t finish last in the standings. 😉

Images used with permission from Akane of BlazBlue Singapore. You can view match videos of the top four on YouTube here.

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