L4D Crash Course update released

The Left 4 Dead Crash Course content patch was released by Valve early this morning Singapore time, making available a new campaign and promising a more balanced versus mode experience.

The new campaign, the eponymous Crash Course, is a short two-chapter campaign available in all three flavours of L4D gameplay — Campaign, Versus and Survival.

Besides the new maps, the patch also addresses a long standing concern of the competitive community by standardizing the items that both teams receive in each map.

Ten new achievements have also been added for the new maps.

The full patch notes are listed below:

Left 4 Dead

  • A new campaign, “Crash Course”, is now available for play in Campaign, Versus and Survival modes
  • In Versus mode, all weapons, pills, health packs, molotovs, pipe bombs and other items will now be identical for the second round of a chapter
  • Matchmaking has had several improvements to make finding and joining games even faster
  • Ten all new “Crash Course” achievements have been added

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  • Maddcap

    hah weapon density fixed.

  • Matafleur

    I get the feeling that Crash Course isn’t quite as polished as the main campaigns. D:

    The levels are sprawling, and not in a good way. I expected a focused experience much like the original campaigns.

    Maybe CC was designed for versus in mind?

  • Glimmerous.Fop

    I have a feeling Crash Course was designed as a sort of “preview” for L4D2’s gauntlet finale.

    1. There’s a semi-long bridge in Crash Course, similar to the bridge finale announced for The Parish in L4D2

    2. The finale battle in Crash Course has a minor element of a moving crescendo involved – you need to find time to reactivate the generator in order to escape, otherwise the armoured truck just stays forever in suspension.

    Generally, I still found Crash Course expert to quite exciting. Seems that Valve had thought about every possible camping spot in both maps, and there’s always some unexpected area that the zombies will come and screw you over, even when you think you’ve found the right defensive position. Example: remember that roof that caved open and zombies started dropping from above? LoL.

  • ZenZeZ

    Its seriously just some cheap shit to please ppl.

  • Glimmerous.Fop

    Man, Crash Course is tough on Expert.

  • Maddcap

    its not a lame map to scrim in, its supposed to be a short VS map for people who dont have much time

  • ZenZeZ

    Dumb update.

    * Huge bugs on achievements such as Crash-Proof , Quick Power and Tank Stumble.
    * Maps too plain , could tell they just made this shit randomly to appease the L4D2 Boycott shit.
    * A lame map to scrim in. Could end in 15mins even with it is a scrim.

  • MayaArcana

    “Crash delivers a complete, streamlined Versus mode experience in just 30 minutes. A recharge timer for infected teammates has also been added, so you can better coordinate your attacks.”



    Louis looks so “I told you so” in the picture XD

  • Glimmerous.Fop

    Oh crap. Dedicated servers will take some time to be updated.