Team Galaxy TF2 frag video

Here comes another Team Fortress 2 frag video, this time from Team Galaxy from Japan. Titled “unfinisheD” and created by viNez, the video features awesome music selection, decent editing, extremely good pacing and a whole shitload of airshots.

Watch out for hi-cook‘s Medic syringe spree starting from 1:00 and viNez‘s Scout spree starting from 3:16. Arguably the most entertaining video to come out from Asia yet.

Watch the embed here, on Youtube, or in HD on PLDX.

Thanks to Malice for bringing this to our attention in this TF2 forum thread!

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  • Neth

    viNez is 2pro

  • Glimmerous.Fop

    LOL @ 4:42 hilarious.

    The air shots in this video are unbelievable.