Left 4 Dead needs new boss enemies!

It’s the same shit every game. The horde rushes you from every direction and you and your team unload your ammo into them. All the zombies look the same.

Well of course there are boss zombie characters but there are only four types and I am pretty sure many people are getting bored with them. There is the Smoker, a tall, lanky zombie with a extremly long and flexible tongue in which he can use to grab you. There is the Boomer, a fat blob of zombie lard who pukes horde-attracting bile on you. The hunter pounces on you and claws your face to shreds and the Tank is a muscle-bound badass who can punch your ass off a building. There is also the Witch, who may or may not be classified as a boss character. She will appear to be crying a river in the middle of any random location and once she sees you, she will charge at you and knock you down in a few hits.


It’s time for new bosses! This author has some ideas which he would like to make known to the makers at Valve.

This new boss character would be called the BOOMZ BITCH! She will be wearing a red bikini and just jeans. She will spawn near the exits and next to metal objects and when she does, she will not notice the players at first because she will be too busy studying the steel. The BOOMZ BITCH will only notice the players when they get closer.

Left 4 Dead is due for a summoner enemy so her attacks will be summoning her minions to attack you. She will be able to summon the Leopard Prince and the Zebra Prince who will bombard you with range attacks. 

Do not take her lightly. She can kill you as easily as a Tank can if you are not careful.

Well, this author is going to submit his ideas to Valve and hopefully, we can all see the BOOMZ BITCH in action in future!

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