L4D2 now available for pre-order on Steam

Left 4 Dead 2 is now available for pre-order through Steam for US$45.99 (S$66), a 10% discount off the regular retail price of US$49.99.

But unless you want the baseball bat melee weapon, exclusive to pre-order customers only, you’ll probably be better off waiting to get the game from retail outlets in Singapore.

L4D was priced US$49.99 (S$73) on Steam but was sold in retail stores in Singapore for about S$50, give or take.

Will you pre-order L4D2?

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  • Neth

    Not worth the money for pre-order :)

  • Maddcap

    pre-order from retailer cheaper, no?

  • sunburnedcrow

    Haha, the problem with digital distribution. Why are retail copies less expensive than digital downloads?

  • Glimmerous.Fop

    SgWarGames and E-club are coming up with a solution for Singaporeans looking to pre-purchase the retail version of L4D2. Stay tuned.

  • Matafleur

    @sunburnedcrow, it’s because retailers here got burned when Orange Box was available on Steam for cheaper than retail. I’m sure they learnt their lesson now.

  • DomeJr

    pre-ordered mine, along with 3 other classmates.

    calculated to be S$46++ per person when you order the 4 L4D2 package.

  • Matafleur

    Yeah we figured this out too. Price should be closer to S$50 though. Currency exchange has been fluctuating between 1.4 to 1.5. Was about 1.42 (bank rate) a couple days back.

  • DomeJr


    The rate at the time of pre-order made it exactly S$49.60 per person.

    And all my other 3 friends could think of was the stupid baseball bat that reminded them of the scout from Tf2 roflmao.