Tetra unhappy with WCG Grand Finals group draw

Day two of the World Cyber Games 2009 Grand Finals group draws has been concluded, and Singapore’s Virtua Fighter 5 representative Wilson “Tetra” Chia is fuming mad.

For the second year in a row, Tetra will have to face Japan – the nation that produced last year’s WCG gold medalist and home of the strongest VF5 players in the world – in the group stage.

“I am fine if I am seeded together with the other countries that got top three last year,” said Tetra. “But Germany got seeded even though he didn’t make it to top three in any of the previous tournaments.”

(It should be noted that Germany’s representative, Darius “stprock” Schuiszill, placed fourth in last year’s WCG Grand Finals.)

Therein lies Tetra‘s beef with the group seedings: he feels that it should not be based on individuals players, but on their nationalities.

Tetra questioned: “Why is an international Olympic-styled event seeding based on player and not country, especially when they emphasize so much that you are representing your country and all?

“At least, the top three countries last year shouldn’t be in the same group right?”

Seeding aside, Tetra admitted that his chances to advance from the group stage were slim. He gave the following reasons:

  • Shin “Akira Kid” Eui-Wook will be a difficult challenge. He was the International Maximum Battle Championship VF3 champion and “beat all the Japanese players” back then.
  • The Japanese representative, to be selected this weekend, is expected to be “someone strong”
  • Eddel “ChiefFlash” Dioquino uses a character Tetra doesn’t like playing against and Tetra has no prior experience with the American
  • Lack of training partners as the Singapore VF5 community has all but died off since last year’s WCG

Besides VF5, the groups for FIFA 09 and Guitar Hero World Tour were also drawn today.

Singapore’s FIFA 09 representative, Chiang Wen Jun, was placed in Group D. The first-timer to tournaments on an international scale will have his work cut out for him as he will be facing competitors who are veterans of last year’s WCG Grand Finals.

GHWT representative Joel Teo was placed in Group C. Although not much is known about the other competitors, GameSync understands that last year’s silver medalist, Italy’s Lorenzo “Lo7_” Castelli, is in the same group as Joel.


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  • r3animation

    This is Tetra’s karma.

    He treats everyone around him like shit, he also should get shit.

  • Matafleur

    @r3animation: How exactly does Tetra treat the people around him?

  • Cooty

    unhappy but no phenic to slap liao how