Revenant: More worried about school than WCG

He may be flying to China next month to compete in the World Cyber Games 2009 Grand Finals, but Singapore’s WarCraft III representative Marcus “Revenant” Tan is more worried about his schoolwork than having to face last year’s bronze medalist in the group stage.

In Wednesday’s group drawing for the game, Revenant, part of the Singapore-based Xtreme Chaotix (XtC) esports team, was placed in Group B.

He considers it to be “pretty lucky” because it’s a four-man group — the other groups have five — but admits that the presence of Dmitry “Happy” Kostin, last year’s bronze medalist, will be troublesome for him.

“I’ll probably one hundred percent lose against [Happy],” Revenant said. “My chances against the other two players are around fifty-ish.”

Revenant has been training for the Grand Finals but says that school has been constantly on his mind: “[School] probably prevents me from getting enough practice, but I don’t wish to spend too much time practising as it might affect my academic results and also pull down my project group members for project work.

“More importantly, I’ve been thinking of how to cover for my nine days of absence from school, which will make me fall behind academically.”

Still, Revenant thinks he stands a decent chance of making it past the group stage, rating himself between 55 and 70% likely to proceed.

“With the matches all being a best-of-one, a few unorthodox strats can make anyone advance. I’m being optimistic here, but I’ll say I’ll make Top 16 at least,” Revenant said.

When 11 November comes by, the date of the Grand Finals in Chengdu, China, let’s hope that Revenant is able to leave the worries of school behind him and play at his fullest for glory.

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