Warriors of the 3 Kingdoms English CBT launches

The English edition of Warriors of the 3 Kingdoms (W3K) started its closed beta test phase earlier this week and for the first time, the CBT will feature two different phases with implications for the open beta test phase.

W3K is a free-to-play MMORPG based on the Three Kingdoms Chinese novel which features gameplay similar to the hack-and-slash of the Dynasty Warriors series, with an added dimension of having a strategic and tactical element as players will have to capture the cities of opposing factions on the world map.

The two different phases featured in the CBT are:

  • Level Achievement phase. Gamers who reach a minimum level of 25 will get to retain their character’s in-game name and be rewarded with W3KCash and in-game currency at the start of the open beta test.
  • Various Wars Try-Out phase. Gamers will receive a higher-level character to partake in three different wars — Resource War, Nation War and Uprising War — that will be available at scheduled timings.

The CBT will run until Monday, 2 November. Characters will be wiped at the end of the CBT period.

More information about the game is available on the W3KSEA website. Attached below are some screenshots from the game.

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