Asiafortress TF2 Open tournament kicks off today

The first Asiafortress Team Fortress 2 Open tournament will kick off today, with the first round of matches being played from 22 to 29 November.

Fourteen teams from six countries across Asia will be competing in the double-elimination tournament. The 14 teams taking part are:

  • 2eazy – 2ez*
  • Gaandmasti Gamers [96#]
  • error [.er]
  • rare Materia [rM|]
  • Red Face [Rf]
  • Electronic Monkeyz (Mkz)
  • Fang Bangers [^fb]
  • oink! [oink!]
  • Pancakes [SLP]
  • PlayAndEnjoy [pAe.]
  • Reckless Abandon in Durians [RAID]
  • Team Floating Caps [TFC]
  • Knights Templar (K.T)
  • THE TOUGH [Tt!]

Singapore-based teams VCO and H2H, the champion and second runner-up of this year’s World Cyber Games Singapore National Finals respectively, are conspicuously absent from the tournament.VCO‘s Sedated, however, has joined 96# for Asiafortress Open.

It looks like an exciting playing field. Mkz look like the favourites to win, but some of the other teams have a good collection of talent as well — pAe. has been said to have improved their game recently, while 96# has a good mix of talent from all over, just to raise a few examples.

The brackets are available for viewing here.

So who do you think will win?

Updated to clarify text for the sake of H2H! Srsly!

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  • Neth

    Lol looking at these teams, I’ll say Mkz or maybe Rf

  • Neth

    Just saw .er line up, they might have a good chance too.

    And also just realise Mkz will fight Rf in the first round D:

  • antiviolenc3

    no one from h2h is participating! bad writeup! BAD!

  • can_lah_2

    nic has spared some time off to play ever since her marriage

  • Neth

    Nic trying to lose weight to fit into her wedding dress

  • Matafleur

    Updated for the sake of H2H!

    @Neth Yeah man. At least it’s a double elimination tournament. Maybe you’ll see Mkz vs Rf in the finals.

  • Wilfred T

    Why is our team name (2EZ) stolen? Damn rude.

  • dKiWi
  • antiviolenc3


  • Neth

    What? @ Dkiwi