BlazBlue: Continuum Shift released in S’pore

BlazBlue: Continuum Shift has been sneakily released in Japan by Arc System Works on 20 November. The game is already out in Singapore, with the Bugis Virtualand being one of the confirmed places carrying the game.

I say sneakily released because as I am writing this, five days after 20 November, there has not been any mention about Continuum Shift’s release in any of the gaming websites I frequent (overshadowed by SSFIV maybe?).

There are only two new characters for this update, Tsubaki Yayoi and Hazama. The folks at BlazBlue Singapore have managed to write a mini-preview of Continuum Shift based on their location test visit to Japan. Check it out. You can also view the arcade intro video here.


Big thanks to Akane for bringing this news to my attention. Has anybody encountered Continuum Shift at any other arcades besides Bugis Virtualand?

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  • Glimmerous.Fop

    CS is not at Tiong Bahru. *Sad face*.