TF2: New Solly and Demo weapon unlocks revealed

Two new weapon unlocks for the Soldier and one for the Demoman in the upcoming Demoman/Soldier Update were revealed on the Team Fortress 2 website this afternoon.

The Soldier will get aptly-named The Buff Banner, which replaces the shotgun with a large banner and a bugle. When The Buff Banner is equipped, any damage done by the Soldier increases a rage meter. Once full, the Soldier will be able to use the bugle to give teammates around him a 14-second mini-crit buff.

Another weapon that the Soldier gets is a pickaxe melee weapon. No in-depth details were given about The Equalizer, but it appears to give the Soldier a speed and damage boost as his health gets lower. The idea was taken directly from the player community, which you can read about here and here.

Not to be left out, the Demoman will receive The Scottish Resistance, an upgrade sticky grenade launcher that can lay down up to 16 stickies, twice as many as before. It will even allow players to detonate only specific clusters of stickies by looking at them, rather than all at once. However, the stickies have a minor drawback of needing 0.4 seconds before they can be detonated.

The Demoman/Soldier update will be released on Friday morning, Singapore time.

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