GOG.com is your Santa

No seriously, GOG.com just gave news that they have something special for us. For a limited time only till 24 December, you can nab Tex Murphy 1+2 for the low, low price of absolutely FREE.

You heard that right. Here’s your chance to try out a praised old-school adventure game at no cost.

Getting those games is a simple process. All you have to do is follow this link and presto, two new games installed into your hard drive. Of course, you have to sign up as a GOG.com member first but it’s a painless process.

If you’re awesome and already have Tex Murphy 1+2, GOG.com has an alternative game download for you. Just in case you’re thinking of cheating, no you can’t download TM1+2 then download the alternate freebie. I’ve already tried it for you know… testing purposes…

Merry Christmas everyone, and spread the joy!

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