GOG.com holiday sale

The GOG.com holiday sale is here, just in time for Christmas. The entire catalogue of GOG games has been discounted from 25% off to as much as 40% off.

The promotion ends on 4 January (Singapore time), so you have 14 days to decide how you’d best like to part with your precious holiday money.

Remember, all GOG games are yours forever once you purchase them: no DRM required, just login to your account and download the games to play anywhere. These old games are compatible with Windows XP and Vista/Win7.

Some highlights of the games on offer include:

Duke Nukem 3D Atomic Edition: US$3.89
Far Cry:
Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six + Ghost Recon: US$13.98

I’m still eagerly waiting for Steam’s Christmas offer sale. The previous one doesn’t count, it was a pre-Xmas sale.

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