Steam holiday sale is here

As I have predicted, the annual Steam holiday sale is here. Head over to the Steam store page now, and check out all the outrageously discounted prices for the entire Steam catalogue (well, almost all of them).

Just like the previous 5-day pre-Xmas sale, there are special daily deals during the holiday sale that offer certain games for absolutely obscene prices. The current daily deal consists of:

  • Stalker: Shadow of Chernobyl – US$1.99 (!!)
  • Mirror’s Edge – US$4.99
  • Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising – US$19.99
  • Defense Grid: The Awakening US$2.49 (!!)

Other notable deals include:

  • Unreal Gold + Unreal 2 + Unreal Tournament + UT2004 + UT3 (yes, INCLUDING UT3) – US$13.59
  • Braid – US$2.49 (!!)
  • Audiosurf – US$2.50
  • The Witcher Enhanced Edition: Director’s Cut – US$13.59

10:48 AM – Foppy – AVALON’D: wtf stalker 2 dollars
10:48 AM – ■ rfnv°: i want
10:48 AM – Foppy – AVALON’D: best price i ever seen

11:03 AM – Barefists: 1.99 cheaper than pirated

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