Bayonetta teaser trailer released

Update: It seems the game has come out earlier in Singapore than expected. You can find the North American version of Bayonetta at video game stores everywhere.

Original: Sega has released a short TV commercial trailer for the North American version of Bayonetta, due for release 8 January on Xbox 360 and PS3.

The Japanese version of Bayonetta was released earlier in October, and has received overwhelmingly positive praise from game reviewers, even securing the elusive 10/10 score from EDGE magazine.

It’s very rare to see a company like Sega putting such strong marketing weight behind a title like Bayonetta. The North American release is shaping up to be one of the most highly anticipated console games of 2010.

You can try out the Bayonetta demo for free on Xbox Live and PlayStation Network, it’s about 1.63GB in size. The demo contains a tutorial plus a few fight scenes from the opening of the full game.

The protagonist looks so badass. Any console gamers planning to get the game when it’s out?

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