GameSync’s recommended Torchlight mods

Chances are, you succumbed to the Steam holiday sale daily offer about six days ago and bought Torchlight when it was on discount for 75% off at SG$7.50. By now, you also would have known that Torchlight has built-in support for modifications and custom user-created content.

Here is a quick list of some essential utilities and mods to enhance your Torchlight experience:


A mod mananging utility for TorchLight. Torchleech has over 100+ mods in its database, and makes it easy for you to download, install, and uninstall all Torchlight mods on your computer.

Additionally, Torchleech also allows you to remap the hotkeys in the game to different buttons. The default F1-F12 hotkeys are retarded. Ask any veteran Diablo II player out there and they will tell you the exact same thing. You can even remap the keys for the inventory belt (default 1-0) and in-game menus.

Respec Mod

This is an official mod released by the developers of the game, Runic Games.

Allows you to reset and reassign all your skill points by purchasing a respec potion from the General Goods vendor in town. The respec potion might be expensive at 4500 gold, but you’ll definitely be purchasing it several several times throughout the campaign in order to tweak your skill builds.

Potions Stacksize
Increases the stacksize of all potions to x200. Incredibly useful for players who find themselves lacking in inventory space and who like to hoard potions (in other words: everyone of us).


Gem Icon Mod
Makes it easier, at a glance, to determine the gem-level of all jewels without having to mouse-over them.

Tip: If you are not doing so, you should be storing gems in your stashes and transmuting them to gems of a higher level. Here are the transmutation recipes for gems:

  • 2 gems of the same level = one gem of the next higher level
  • 4 gems of the same level = one gem two levels higher


Shocking Mod
A mod that fixes the developer bugs for some skills such as Ember Lightning and Doomquake, ensuring that they deal the correct +bonus damage.


Do you have any other interesting Torchlight mods to share? Let us know!

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