Pre-order BioShock 2 from Steam and get the first game for free

Update: It has come to our attention that the original BioShock will still remain region-locked for Singapore, even if you pre-purchase BioShock 2 and receive the original game as a gift.

For those of you who are thinking of pre-ordering, you might want to hold off on your purchase for now until a solution is found.

Original: Here’s another Steam offer that’s hard to resist: if you pre-order the Steam version of BioShock 2 before 9 February, you will receive the original BioShock absolutely free.

The pre-order price for the Steam version is 10% off at US$44.95. There is also a four-pack going for US$134.95 (US$33.75 for each person).

As far as I know, pre-ordering BioShock 2 is the only legal way to obtain the original BioShock now. Retail copies of the first game have been out of print for a long time, and the Steam version of BioShock is region locked for Singapore.

Yes, you read that right. BioShock 2 is available for pre-order in Singapore, yet BioShock is still locked for our region. Sometimes, you can’t help but wonder what sort of Plasmids the folks at 2K Games are smoking.

For those of you who haven’t played BioShock, this is an awesome offer. Grab the four-pack with three other friends while you can.

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