More Borderlands DLC on the way, level cap increased

Gearbox has announced on its message forums that more Borderlands DLC is currently under development and it will raise the game’s Level 50 character cap.

haTts, a member of Gearbox’s Borderlands development team, had this to say on the forums:

Sorry, I haven’t gotten to post on the forums in a while! After finalizing Zombies DLC, the team and I began reading the DLC feedback around the forums on the wants and desires. Guess what, level cap increase anyone? Got it and it’s awesome. Hopefully we can get a full announcement out to you guys soon but, man is this the biggest DLC we have made. So don’t worry, we are working really hard right now on both the update (that solves a bunch of issues) and the DLC. More to come guys!!

There you have it, “more to come”. Be sure to check out the Gearbox forums for the latest Borderlands news straight from the developers.

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