More free Mass Effect 2 DLC announced

Bioware has announced a couple of new Mass Effect 2 DLCs which are slated for release on 10 February (Singapore time).

The DLCs will be made available through the in-game Cerberus Network. Owners of either the PC or 360 versions of Mass Effect 2 will be able to download the DLCs for free.

Here is a description of the DLCs, taken from the Bioware Social Network forums:

On Tuesday February 09 2010 Mass Effect 2 fans will be able to get the new Cerberus Assault Armor and M-22a Eviscerator Shotgun DLC fof free through the Cerberus network. It should be available for all fans, both on PC and Xbox 360 at 12:00pm Mountain Standard Time.

Cerberus Assault Armor
Cerberus assault armor is designed for shock troops, turn the tide of battle against creatures or forces that would decimate normal soldiers.
Increases heavy weapon ammo capacity by +10%
Increases shields by +10%
Increases health by +10%

M-22a Eviscerator Shotgun
The M-22a Eviscerator Shotgun is a longer-range shotgun with armor-piercing loads. This design also violates several intergalactic weapons treaties, so the M-22a is not distributed to militaries.

You can learn more about  the Cerberus Assault Armor in a Arsenal update with screenshots of the armor in action here:

The Cerberus Assault Armour and Eviscerator Shotgun will accompany the two DLCs (Zaaed and Memorial Site) that were released on Mass Effect 2’s launch date, bringing the total count of free DLCs released so far up to four.

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