Alan Wake awakens on 18 May

Update: Alan Wake is now confirmed to be an Xbox 360 exclusive title. A spokesperson for Microsoft, had this to say regarding the PC version:

Some games are more suited for the intimacy of the PC, and others are best played from the couch in front of a larger TV screen. We ultimately realised that the most compelling way to experience “Alan Wake” was on the Xbox 360 platform, so we focused on making it an Xbox 360 exclusive. Both Microsoft and Remedy have long histories in PC game development. This decision was about matching this specific game to the right platform.

Source: Strategy Informer

Original: After over five years of development hell, Alan Wake will be hitting stores in 18 May for the Xbox 360. The official announcement of Alan Wake’s release date was made by Microsoft at this year’s X10 expo.

Alan Wake is the creation of Finnish developers Remedy Entertainment, the same folks who brought us the Max Payne and Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne games.

Remedy had originally developed Alan Wake as a PC game. Along the way, Microsoft came along, and in true Bungie-Halo fashion, hijacked the game over to the 360 platform.

PC gamers and fans of Remedy have been less than pleased about this development, and plans for a PC release for Alan Wake appear to have been scrapped.

Intimacy in front of the television? WTF? Screw you again, Microsoft.


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