Blizzard announces worldwide StarCraft II closed beta

Blizzard has anonunced the multiplayer beta for StarCraft II. Here is a quick recap of facts about the beta and StarCraft II:

  • This is a closed multiplayer beta

Only selected members of the public will be chosen to participate in the beta. How to take part in the beta? You need to sign up for a Blizzard Store account, and indicate your interest in taking part in the SCII beta.

You also needed to do this back in June-July 2009, back when beta registration sign-ups were open. So if you still don’t have a Blizzard Store account, kiss your beta hopes goodbye.

  • The beta will be “ready to launch this month”, according to Blizzard

Of course, this being Blizzard, “ready this month” could mean end of February, or end of the year. Don’t be surprised if the beta launch is delayed further.

  • This is a global multiplayer beta

The beta will be open to the entire world, not just the USA.

  • StarCraft II is due for a mid-2010 release, according to Blizzard

Yeah, right. Lies!

  • The revamped Battle.Net 2.0 will be launched together with StarCraft II

You can view more about the new B.Net in the embedded GiantBomb video below:

Anyone who has signed-up for the StarCraft II beta, please let us know if you’ve received an invitation to take part in it!

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