L4D2: The Passing DLC releasing this Friday

Valve has announced on the official L4D2 blog that the first add-on for Left 4 Dead 2, The Passing, will be available on 23 April (Singapore time).

The Passing contains a new campaign, new weapons (golf club and M60) and a new “Uncommon” Common Infected called the Fallen Survivor.

Additionally, The Passing will introduce a series of new weekly challenge game modes called “Mutations”. One of the challenges revealed is called Chainsaw Massacre, where Survivors are given chainsaws with unlimited fuel.

There are about 20 Mutations planned, and they are playable across all L4D2 campaigns.

If you are an Unreal Tournament player like me, you will probably recognize the similarities between L4D2’s Mutations and UT’s Mutators — essentially a game “modifier” that alters the rules of the game.

It is unclear if the Mutations can be applied to Versus mode. If it does, it’ll be a great way to spice up and add some variety to L4D2’s competitive play.

Steam owners will be able to download The Passing for free, while Xbox 360 players will be charged 560 Microsoft points (US$7).

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