MechWarrior 4 released for free

Update 2: The Mektek website is back online. A new version of the MTX client has been released to allow offline installation of MechWarrior 4.

Update: It appears that the Studio Mektek website has crashed due to overwhelming response, making it impossible to download or install the game. Stay tuned for more updates.

Original: MechWarrior 4 has been released for free by Studio Mektek. You can visit their website to download the 1.7GB game client here.

This new Free Release contains several improvements over the original game, such as improved multiplayer, more customization options, and faster loading times.

Microsoft, the original publishers of the games, gave permission for MechWarrior 4’s re-release only just last week, explaining the 10-month delay between the original announcement and the actual release date.

Foppy says: Did I mention that this re-release is absolutely FREE? Happy Labour Day everyone, and give your thanks to Microsoft.

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