This is your final KOF13 roster


SNK-Playmore has revealed the entire fighting roster for King of Fighters XIII. The missing team slot has been filled up by none other than the NESTS Team — K’, Kula, and Maxima (sorry Whip fanboys, it appears that she didn’t make the cut).

Unfortunately, there are no true new characters for this installment. Hwa Jai (second column from right, top portrait), is an old character from SNK’s Fatal Fury series.

Be sure to check out SNK-P’s official KOF13 character roster page. It’s currently only available in Japanese, but you can still view the movelists of the entire cast.

KOF13 is scheduled for a Summer 2010 release at arcades everywhere. No official word yet on a console port.

Foppy says: I’m a little sad that none of the Garou characters (Jenet, Gato, Rock?) are in KOF13. Terry has regained his Buster Wolf though.

Random KOF fact: Did you know that Elisabeth has the biggest boobies of the entire cast? Who cares about Mai, this French equestrian female fighter is hawt.

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