Get StarCraft II at S$89


I don’t usually do such blatant advertising, but helping you to save S$20 off StarCraft II’s exorbitant retail price of S$109 must surely be a Good Deed.

Here’s the deal. Right now, Orchard Central is having a promotion where you can buy S$50 gift vouchers at S$40 each from their Concierge counter. That’s a 20% discount off the face value. At the same time, Funzcentre at Orchard Central is taking SC2 pre-orders at S$109 a piece.

If you do the math, you can net yourself a copy of SC2 at only S$89 by buying two vouchers (S$80 for S$100 worth of vouchers) and topping that up with S$9 in hard cash.

This also applies for any other items sold at Funzcentre or other retailers at Orchard Central, so if you have a big purchase to make, now is the time.

Be warned though. The vouchers are limited in quantity and they’re selling really fast. In the 30 or so minutes that I was at Orchard Central about 5 people bought vouchers. You’ll need to bring along your IC and each person is limited to buying $250 worth of vouchers. Payment is by cash only.

Disclaimer: Neither Funzcentre nor Orchard Central paid me to write this post. I am a semi-regular at Funzcentre though. Take what you will of that.

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