E3 2010: Medal Of Honor Hands-On Review

I was very tempted to pre-purchase Medal of Honor on Steam this morning when the promotion states that I get to play the beta early on June 17th. Thankfully, there was this huge gaming convention in Los Angeles.. whaccha callit.. Ah yes E3.

E3’s Sony booth had a whole row of PS3s running Medal of Honor and I managed to get my hands on it right before the day was over. The game round started out pretty obvious. I selected a class, spawned and sprinted to a hiding spot for cover. I waited for a few seconds for the first enemy shots to sound out and appear on my radar before sprinting over to flank the source of the bullets. After 2 minutes of gameplay, I dropped the controller, very much disappointed.

If the trailers haven’t convinced you enough, it’s the same damn game. Others have named it Bad Company whereas I’ve labelled it as Modern Warfare. The controls are identical, the map design is identical, the guns are identical, the enemies are identical, even the gameplay is identical. At least Bad Company tried to be different by having rendundantly huge maps.

MoH is like an exact copy of Modern Warfare slapped on with a different name and less intuitive physics. I don’t need to spend another 60 green bills to get me back to playing a game I grew bored of half a year ago.

Conclusion: If you’re so into this modern era warfare setting that you don’t mind spending more money on the same old content, this is totally up your alley. And seriously, 60 bucks for MoH? Even CoD took millions of hardcore advertising and viral marketing to justify that price.

No pictures attached. If you want to see in-game screenshots, go Google the term “Modern Warfare” under Image Search. Oh and by the way, FPS on a console is really a horrid experience.

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