E3 2010: Rock Band – Blurring The Definition Of Having Fun


When I play Rock Band or Guitar Hero, all I want to do is enjoy a transient feeling of self-deluding indulgence. I want to believe that I can rip chords and carry out fast finger picking on an electric guitar without any prior practice nor lessons. Rock Band and Guitar Hero allowed instant gratification for self-deceit in the name of entertainment.

Check this out:

102 buttons, all for you to have a gaming experience as close to the authentic learning curve as possible

Oh you’ve already seen this on Kotaku?

How about this instead?

How about a real electric guitar with controller buttons built in? You can’t get any more realistic than this!

NO! Harmonix no! That is absolutely not why I play Rock Band. I want to feel like God, not like shit for 60 over hours before I actually start to decently play songs that I am totally sick of by then.

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