Colosseum SC2 tourney slated end Aug

StarCraft II

The Colosseum cybercafe will be hosting a 1v1 and 2v2 StarCraft II tournament on Sunday, 29 August.

Participation is limited to those who have access to a Southeast Asia account and who are ranked in the Bronze, Silver and Gold Leagues.

Players who have been promoted into the Platinum and Diamond League are not allowed to take part, but have been promised a follow up tournament.

Registration is available via walk-in at Colosseum and the fee is S$10 per person. The prizes for the tournament are as follows:

1v1 tournament

  • 1st: S$150
  • 2nd: S$100
  • 3rd: S$50

2v2 tournament

  • 1st: Kerrigan vs Zeratul SteelSeries QCK Mousepad + SteelSeries Reaper QCK Mousepad
  • 2nd: 4 hours of free play @ Colosseum per team member
  • 3rd: 2 hours of free play @ Colosseum per team member

The full rules and regulations are available in the GameAxis forum tournament thread.

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