Tagan wins Colosseum SC2 1v1 tourney

Champion Tagan Chua (right)

WarCraft III veteran Tagan Chua, playing under the nickname Jiaten, emerged champion of the Colosseum 1v1 StarCraft II tournament after defeating Kee-Chong “Lovestoned” Lee 2-1 in what turned out to be a protoss versus protoss final on Sunday night.

The two players made it to the top of the 24-player tournament after a four-group round robin stage and an eight-player single elimination playoff that began at 2pm and lasted almost six hours.

Tagan’s signature four-Gateway/Warpgate build proved successful against Lovestoned, who also tried a four-Gate build butwas summarily outplayed by Tagan’s near-perfect build timing and unit control in the first match.

In the second match, Lovestoned switched strategies and built two Gateways in a forward location to catch Tagan off-guard and win the match with an early Zealot rush.

“From the first game, I knew I wasn’t fast enough for him. So in the second game, when I knew he was going Stalkers, I tried to Zealot rush him,” explained Lovestoned.

Lovestoned tried the same tactic again in the third match, but Tagan countered by building a Photon Cannon to stop Lovestoned’s Zealots and proceeded to win the match without further difficulty.

“Protoss versus Protoss is my weakest match up,” said Lovestoned, who also revealed that he was nervous early in the tournament. “At first I made a lot of mistakes, but after awhile I got used to it and the nervous feeling was gone.”

The tournament was a good experience for Tagan, who commented: “All the players were good and the matches I played werechallenging for me. The tournament was very nice and I hope there will be more tournaments next time.”

John “jara” Sim, playing protoss under the nickname alien, defeated CYCHO, who was using terran, to place third.

Tagan won S$150, Lovestoned won S$100, while jara won S$50 for their finishes.

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  • Guest

    gold league and below yo. take people acct and join = lame

  • Guest_2

    Very dissappointing that such players have decided to toss aside the idea of sportsmanship and compete in a tournament that was meant to encourage the competitive spirit amongst players belonging to the Bronze, Silver, and Gold leagues.

    Especially from Tagan, a well respected name from the Warcraft 3 scene who was heavily active in the entirety of the Starcraft 2 beta.

  • http://glimmerousfop.posterous.com Glimmerous.Fop

    Look, WarCraft III ranking does not translate to his current StarCraft II rank. Why must you criticize Tagan based on his past achievements?

    And to be honest, I would not rely on Blizzard’s league ranking system to be an accurate judge of a player’s skill.

  • Neth

    WTB sportsmanship

  • Tagan

    Hi, I’m Tagan. I apologised if I made you disappointed. Honestly, I don’t have my own sc2 main account. I played beta until May (Phase 1 closed). I didn’t play so much until recently (it has been for like around 2.5 months). I thought my skills dropped maybe gold level. Then, I borrowed my friend’s account to train for few days recently. The account I used in this tournament is ‘guest pass’.

    I’m sorry if I did something wrong.

  • jara

    since u guys r on this topic, i wana state why i joined.

    firstly, i dont have my own sc2. i have been playing custom games on a single guest account recently. i did not play any ladder games at all and most of my custom games are played for fun with me doing stupid builds on lost temple only.

    secondly, becos of the above reasons, i feel that my skill level will be the same as those gold, silver and bronze league players.

    lastly, it is becos of the prize money. i dont deny that there is a lack of integrity on my part for this incident. as for the jealous comments shown before my post, i wud just like to say that although there are some things that is not up to u such as bracket luck, u shld work hard if u wana win in any tournaments rather than whine abt things u can do abt

    regards, jara

  • Son Ga In

    its ok all the losers are always jealous of the winners u cant stop them… they are who they are and will always stay there as losersss…

  • ello42

    Congratz to all players ! :)