ice, nirvAnA, OxygeN to compete in Blizz’s SEA Invitational

StarCraft II

Singapore’s ice, nirvAnA and OxygeN are among the 16 players from the StarCraft II SEA region invited to participate in Blizzard’s SEA/ANZ Invitational Tournament, according to an announcement made on the SC2 SEA blog.

The double elimination, best-of-three online tournament will be held from Friday to Sunday and involve 16 players from six nations: Australia (6), Hong Kong (1), Malaysia (2), New Zealand (2), Singapore (3) and Thailand (2).

nirvAna (protoss) is currently ranked second in Blizzard’s official SEA Top 200 listing, while ice (zerg) is ranked 11th and OxygeN (terran) is ranked 12th.

The first round of the tournament begins this Friday, 7.30pm to 10.30pm Singapore time. Here are the matches Singapore’s players will play:

  • [SG] ice (zerg) vs [AU] Fenneth (protoss)
  • [SG] OxygeN (terran) vs [AU] Legionnaire (protoss)
  • [SG] nirvAnA (protoss) vs [MY] cobo (protoss)

It is unclear if there will be live streaming or commentary available for these matches.

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