SG defeats Vietnam 4-0 to top SEA Nation War table

SEA/Oceania Nation War Friendly League

Singapore now tops the SEA Nation War League after defeating Vietnam 4-0 in week two of the seven-week-long online tournament.

According to the official week two recap, Singapore team manager nirvAnA opted to let up and coming talents play this week to show off their skills – a move which paid off as the Singaporean won all their match-ups.

The full match results for Singapore vs Vietnam are as follows:

  • [SG] Revenant (zerg) 2 – 0 [VN] bull (terran)
  • [SG] SwEEt (zerg) 2 – 0 [VN] Thanhnd (zerg)
  • [SG] TenderSteak (protoss) 2 – 0 [VN] RamboLicious (terran)
  • [SG] progrezzion (terran) 2 – 1 [VN] fantasio (protoss)

Singapore scored four league points for their 4-0 victory over Vietnam, putting them on top of the current league standings.

In next week’s match up, Singapore will face the Philippines, who are currently at the bottom of the table with zero points and no wins, having lost 16 matches and winning only three.

Match replays can be downloaded from the official week two recap post.

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  • Kellymilkies

    You should post my livestream page so people can watch the games live while I’m casting it! :p

  • Wei-Meng

    Well feel free to share your livestream page in the comments! 😀

    I’ll probably add it to the post later or something?