SG defeats Philippines 3-2 in SEA Nation War

SEA/Oceania Nation War Friendly League

Tagan led Singapore to a 3-2 victory of the Philippines in week three of the King of SEA Nation War League after defeating the Philippines’s zhasz 2-1 in the tie-breaking ace match.

The Philippines, with a completely reformed line up under new manager Kclolz, proved that they were no longer the whipping boys of the tournament as they put up a fierce resistance against Singapore.

Singapore and the Philippines were tied 2-2 after Tagan and Anavar (also known as Ravana from his Dawn of War and Command & Conquer days) scored two victories while Revenant and HGHx were defeated in their match-ups again Davsp, zhasz, weechoochoo and zhasz, again, respectively.

zhasz was allowed to play two matches by Singapore team manager nirvAnA as the Philippines did not have enough players online.

It was then up to Tagan to win the ace match against zhasz, which Tagan duly won 2-1.

The full match results for Singapore vs the Philippines are as follows:

  • [SG] Tagan (protoss) 2 – 0 [PH] Davsp (terran)
  • [SG] Anavar (terran) 2 – 1 [PH] zhasz (protoss)
  • [SG] Revenant (zerg) 1 – 2 [PH] weechoochoo (terran)
  • [SG] HGHx (zerg) 1 – 2 [PH] zhasz (protoss)
  • [SG] Tagan 2 – 1 [PH] zhasz (zerg) (Ace Match)

Match replays can be downloaded from the official week three recap post.

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