Tougeki ’10: Xian finishes top 4 in KOF13


Singapore’s Kun-Xian Ho made history on Saturday by becoming the first Singaporean player to reach the semifinals of a Tougeki – Super Battle Opera tournament.

Kun-Xian used a Elisabeth/K’/Takuma character pick to finish in the top 4 of the King of Fighters XIII competition at Tougeki ’10. He was defeated in the semifinals by Japanese player Giant (using K’/Mai/Iori).

Japan’s Kyabetsu (using Andy/K’/Kula) had lost the other semifinal to Oeppu (using Raiden/K’/Mature; also a Japanese player). Oeppu went on to defeat Giant in the grand finals to become the tournament champion.

As there is no third/fourth placement match, Kun-Xian finishes joint-third with Kyabetsu. There are no prizes at Tougeki ’10 for the joint third-place players.

Kun-Xian will also lead Team Happy consisting of himself, Leslie Cheong, and Tommy Teo — in Sunday’s Tougeki ’10 Street Fighter IV 3-on-3 competition with his team.

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