Tetra and Gackt taking part in Nagoya Street Battle 17


Tougeki ’10 – Super Battle Opera may have finished on Sunday, but Singapore’s Street Fighter IV journey in Japan has not quite ended yet.

Two Singaporean players — Wilson “Tetra” Chua and Ghim-Kee Eng “Gackt” — will be in Nagoya, Japan, to take part in the Super Street Fighter IV Nagoya Street Battle 17 tournament on Thursday.

NSB is a Japanese fighting game tournament that is organised frequently throughout the year. For NSB17, the competition format will be 3-on-3, and participants are allowed to use two characters of their choice.

Tetra (using Viper/Cammy) and Gackt (using Ryu/Fei Long) will be teaming up with Japanese player Choco (using Blanka/Honda), calling themselves Team SingaporeXChoco.

Team Evil Geniuses of America — consisting of Justin Wong (using Rufus/Cammy), Ricky Ortiz (using Rufus/Chun), and Martin “Marn” Phan (using Dudley/Viper) — will also be taking part in NSB17.

Japan’s Daigo Umehara has also formed his own team, called MomoMachiHara — consisting of himself (using Ryu/Guile), MACHI (using Akuma/Guile), and Momochi (using Ken/Guile).

A live stream of NSB17 will be broadcast on the NSB USTREAM website. The competition starts at 10am, Singapore time, and will finish at 6pm.

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