NSB17: SingaporexChoco finish as Group G runners-up


Last Thursday’s Nagoya Street Battle 17 has ended, with team SingaporexChoco — consisting of Wilson “Tetra” Chua (using Viper/Cammy), Ghim-Kee Eng “Gackt” (using Ryu/Fei), and Choco (using Blanka/Honda) — finishing as the runners-up of Group G.

They were defeated by Team Napolean of Japan — consisting of Ken (using Rose/Bison), Riki (using Claw/Hawk), and Freeda (using Honda/Ibuki) in the Group G finals.

NSB17 was eventually won by Team Mad Cats (originally calling themselves team MomoMachiHara), consisting of Daigo Umehara (using Ryu/Guile), MACHI (using Akuma/Guile), and Momochi (using Ken/Guile).

They defeated Team Japan — consisting of Uryo (using Viper/Sagat),  Kuma (using Dictator/Akuma), and Staygold (using Ryu/Akuma) in the grand finals.

You can view the full list of top-8 winners and tournament brackets here.

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