SSF4: Dixon wins SG Finest tournament


One of Singapore’s top Boxer players, Dixon Pang (using Boxer/Claw), was the winner of last Saturday’s Super Street Fighter IV tournament at Gamescore, Funan, organised by SG Finest.

Dixon fought his way from the losers’ brackets, first defeating Rodney “Rodelmo” Qiu (using Chun/Rose) in the losers’ finals, then beating Soon-Yong Wong “SYSY” (using Rufus/Blanka) in the grand finals.

As champion, Dixon walked away with a $500 cash prize. SYSY took home $100 for second place, while Rodelmo won $50 for coming in third.

Two members of Team Happy — Singapore’s SF4 representatives at this year’s Tougeki ’10Kun-Xian Ho (using Akuma/Random) and Leslie Cheong (using Abel/Fei), also took part in the tournament. Xian finished in sixth place while Leslie came in at seventh place.

The full list of top-8 winners are as follows:

  • 1st: Dixon Pang (Boxer/Claw)
  • 2nd: Soon-Yong Wong “SYSY” (Rufus/Blanka)
  • 3rd: Rodney “Rodelmo” Qiu (Chun/Rose)
  • 4th: Sean Koe (Honda/Ryu)
  • 5th: Wen-Jie Chun (Abel/Balrog)
  • 6th: Kun-Xian Ho (Akuma/Random)
  • 7th: Leslie Cheong (Abel/Feilong)
  • 8th: Zong-Hui Seow (Dhalsim/Cody)

Recorded videos of the tournament matches can be viewed here.

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