Malay wins BBCS Akahoshi Memorial Tournament

On the left: Malay (1st place)

Malay (using Ragna) emerged as the champion out of a field of 64 players at the Akahoshi Memorial BlazBlue: Continuum Shift tournament on Saturday after defeating Ziomatrix (using Hakumen) in the finals at Bugis Iluma.

Jaeshi (using Bang) came in third, defeating ChiChiBoy (using Ragna) in the third-place playoff match.

For his efforts, Malay was awarded the first prize of $40 worth of Tornado vouchers. Ziomatrix received a $20 Tornado voucher for coming in second, while Jaeshi received a $10 Tornado voucher for third.

“It was a crazy tournament thanks to the commentators,” said Akane, one of the participants of the competition. “Everything was so uncensored, from CB to F-words to Lampa 11 [a pun on the character Lambda-11].”

“It was not a family-friendly event, especially for those with refined ears… but still, it was great fun just to be there,” she said.

Organised by the folks at Rebel2SG (originally called [email protected]), the Akahoshi Memorial Tournament is named after Japanese player Daichi Akahoshi, a regular in the Singapore BlazBlue community.

Daichi returned to Japan in early September to prepare for further studies in Australia after participating in the previous BlazBlue 2v2 tournament.

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