Priston Tale 2 CBT opens


Priston Tale 2, a Korean-made MMORPG, begun closed beta testing in Singapore and Malaysia on Thursday. The CBT phase lasts for about a week and will end on Wednesday, 20 October.

The sequel to Priston Tale, which is published by Asiasoft Online, features a number of improvements over its original according to Asiasoft Chairman Sherman Tan: “This sequel will enchant fans of the original Priston Tale with its expanded game contents and storyline, as well as the new game features and enjoyable gameplay.”

Highlights of features in Priston Tale 2 include a pet system, weapon and armour crafting and upgrading system and a PvP arena map.

While all characters will be wiped when the CBT phase ends, it might be worth the effort to at least open a CBT account as those who participate in the CBT phase will be able to redeem rewards when the open beta test phase opens, according to the press release which NGNT received.

Priston Tale 2 CBT account codes will only be available until this Sunday. Account codes can be obtained by visiting the official website or by becoming a fan of the game on Facebook. Alternatively, those with existing Asiasoft Passport accounts can log in to activate their PT2 CBT accounts.

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