StarHub responds to TF2 server crisis

StarHub fuuuuu

A spokesperson from StarHub has said that the telco hopes to bring the Team Fortress 2 public game servers back online as soon as possible, but did not give any indication of when this will happen or why the servers went offline in the first place.

Responding to queries from NGNT, Cassie Fong, part of StarHub’s Corporate Communications & Investor Relations team, sent an email with the following message:

The StarHub Team Fortress 2 gaming servers, which were managed by a third-party, are temporarily unavailable due to unforeseen circumstances, and we hope to resume services as soon as is possible.

StarHub is committed to the gaming fraternity in Singapore, and is looking to improve the service that we provide to our customers. We are planning some changes to the way the service is managed, to ensure that this situation will not occur again. In the meantime, we seek the kind understanding and patience of the gamers on StarHub Team Fortress 2.

While StarHub’s official response does give some reassurance that the company is indeed paying attention to their gaming community (who have been very vocal on their Facebook page) and looking into the problem, it does raise further questions: What were these “unforeseen circumstances” and why did they occur? What changes are being planned? And most importantly, when will the game servers be restored?

We’ve requested for further clarification from StarHub and will update this article when more information becomes available.

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  • elwin!

    oh i know! i know! ask me why! ask me why!!!

  • silvana

    say y av.

  • flurk

    Eh, I’m not familiar with what StarHub does (I’m Malaysian) but since they’re hosting the servers and aren’t making profit out of it (unless I’m very much mistaken about this), I’m just very happy (read: ecstatic) to hear that they plan to bring the servers back online.. no answers needed.

  • Aeif

    fucking dicks

  • Asdf

    y elwin.
    its not the first time they’ve done smthing like this tho.

  • Toon G

    lol they use email add as your name.
    -toon. G

  • Wei-Meng

    I totally agree with how you’ve put things into perspective. It’s not making StarHub any profits directly, yet they are saying that they will bring the servers back. I think that’s pretty neat and is a credit to StarHub. Let’s hope they don’t take long to follow through on this.

  • Tkfung

    best if shut down all server. all no need to play