StarHub game servers go offline

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True to their word, StarHub took their Counter-Strike, Team Fortress 2 and Mumble servers offline just after 12 midnight this morning.

UPDATE: The servers may be back as early as next week. Read more about it here.

StarHub had previously announced that the servers would be taken offline on 19 May so that the company could “enhance [its] online game service”. StarHub declined not reveal any details, but it has promised to have “to have a more comprehensive online game service up shortly after”.

Shortly before the servers went down, StarHub game server admin “Hammifer” sent a personal message to the players through StarHub Team Fortress 2 server #4 [cp4ever], thanking them for their support. The message read, in full: “Ham here. Thanks for all the years of support. Goodtimes. Goodbye. Godspeed.”

Hammifer's last message

Hammifer's last message

With the StarHub servers are offline, TF2 players have been flocking to e-Club Malaysia’s servers instead for their gaming fix. Asia-based TF2 community website AsiaFortress have also moved their pick up games and scrims to the e-Club servers.

There is no ready alternative for the Mumble group voice chat server at this point in time.

Special thanks to reader Cooty for providing the screenshot of Hammifer’s server message. Article image from

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  • Charles Neo


  • Wei-Meng

    I had no idea StarHub had Killing Floor servers too. D: Now that they’re gone, where are you playing? 

  • Charles Neo

     Well i still have L4D2, but i haven’t checked if the KF svrs are gone too :( I am assuming everything has gone dark. There are plenty of servers with <100 ping in the region so no problems on KF too.

    If you aren't a zombie killing fanatic Witcher 2 just came out, and if you prefer lego theres always Minecraft XD

    I'm just in a holding pattern until DNF and Deus Ex

  • Glimmerous.Fop

    The KF Singapore servers we normally play on are still alive. They are not officially hosted by StarHub la, but by a different third party.

  • Charles Neo