StarHub game servers may be back next week

The StarHub game servers and services might be back online as soon as the end of next week, according to a source involved in the server infrastructure upgrade process.

The source confirms that StarHub is indeed upgrading the servers by moving them to a new facility with five times the bandwidth available previously. The move is being handled by game server operator sgWarGames and is scheduled to be completed on the evening of 24 May.

Speaking to NGNT, the source said: “It seems that the bandwidth is StarHub sponsored, and it looks like its the ‘comeback’ that Starhub promised.”

This seems to put to rest rumours that the StarHub game servers are gone for good and also confirms that StarHub is making good on its promise to “enhance” its game services. The game servers were taken offline on 19 May.

There are still no indications how the new hardware and infrastructure will be used or if the previous games – Counter-Strike and Team Fortress 2 – will continue to be supported.

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