SC2: Revenant on MSS Cup #1 finals

Marcus "Revenant" Tan @ WCG 2009

No Game No Talk spoke to Marcus “Revenant” Tan about his performance in the finals of the MotherShip Studios StarCraft II Cup #1 shortly after the tournament concluded. Here is what he said about the tournament in which he placed second.

What did you feel like after the second game in the series, when you were two games down?

Well, I felt I was going to pick myself up after I was down two games. I didn’t really feel pressured or anything after two losses, because for the first two games I felt that could keep my pace with YYJ.

I actually got slight early game advantages for both games, but made lots of major micro mistakes and decision making that caused me to lose to YYJ, a player who will take advantage of any blunders that you make

Overall, I managed to keep my composure against YYJ, whose skills are far superior to mine. So I’m pretty pleased.

Could you describe your comeback strategy against YYJ? It sure seemed to work.

I just made sure I didn’t play too predictably as I normally would. YYJ knew about the play style that I was using in game 1 as I used the same thing in the semi-finals. I felt that I needed to deviate into many different playstyles in order to keep up with YYJ.

So what was different in the final game that didn’t work in the previous two that you won?

If I were to put it in one sentence, he just completely outplayed me from start to end.

It did seem like you weren’t coping well with YYJ’s high pressure gameplay.

I felt that the biggest mistake for me was not being able get economically ahead of him the whole game, simply because he ran about eight marines around my third base into my natural expansion.

I had to make more zerglings as my pack of zerglings were at his natural expansion (and out of place to defend against that). And from that point on, he basically had the game in his hands.

Do you have any other comments or shoutouts?

Shoutouts to Flash E-Sports, and HDPhoenix for hosting such an awesome tournament! (:

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